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Sustainable Living


Steps towards ‘Greening’ your pets

Adopt from a shelter

The UK market is saturated with pets.  More and more families are being hit by the recession and are giving up unwanted litters to shelters on a daily basis.

Spay or neuter your pet

It stops unwanted litters and reduces homeless animals, as well as making your pets live longer.

Keep your dog on a lead or your cat inside at night, this will help reduce the amount of wildlife mortality which needlessly happens due to domestic animals killing them.

They are what they eat

Buy good quality pet food – make sure the food is FDA accredited as this will ensure the animals which have been used in the making of the food have been raised and slaughtered in a sustainable and humane manner.

Clean up their mess

By putting your dog’s mess into biodegradable bags it means that your pets aren’t contributing to landfill.  Avoid cat clumping litter as it is also bad for the environment as well as being bad for your cat.

Sustainable toys

Try to source toys, beds, bottles etc. using sustainable and safe materials.

Pet products

Use natural organic products to clean your pets – it’s better for the environment and better for your pets.

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas

This old saying applies to all pets – make sure you have the right surroundings and situation to enable you to bring a pet up comfortably throughout the course of their life.  This includes being financially stable enough to be able to support your pet for what could be many years.