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Sustainable Living

Waste Management and Recycling

National Problem – “In the UK we throw away about 1/3 of all the food we buy. That’s one shopping bag out of every three!”

Mid Sussex – “We already recycle over 40% of our waste in Mid Sussex, but around 1/3 of what is left is food. Most of this is, or once was, perfectly good food.” Mid Sussex District Council

This statement clearly shows that there is room for the residents of Mid Sussex to reduce the amount of food that they throw away!

This section provides you with details of the common mistakes that result in food waste and provides tips for reducing food waste.

Common mistakes:

  • Forgetting about items in the cupboard and letting them exceed their ‘use-by’ date.
  • Forgetting to refrigerate food.
  • Cooking more than needed for a meal.

Visit Mid Sussex District Council’s Food Waste pages to find out further ways of reducing your food waste and also saving yourself money!

Garden Waste

The 1999 EU Landfill Directive requires that the UK reduces the amount of biodegradable waste sent to landfill because when biodegradable waste decays in landfill sites, it produces methane which is a potent greenhouse gas, contributing to climate change.

Residents are therefore not permitted to include garden waste in their grey bins and are instead encouraged to compost this waste at home. Alternatively you can subscribe to the council’s Garden Waste Collection Service. To find out more about this service select the following leaflet. (get pdf leaflet for garden waste service) Or visit the Council’s Garden Waste page

Please note that any landfill bins containing garden waste will not be emptied by the Council and will be the responsibility of the householder to dispose of.


Residents are encouraged to consider composting at home. Your Council can offer advice about how to do this and also offer compost bins for sale at a subsidised rate – for more information please visit

Recycling and Kerbside Waste Collection

Mid Sussex district Council operate an ‘Alternate Week Collection’ (AWC) service, for which each household has received one wheeled bin for recycled household waste and one wheeled bin for residual household waste which will be sent to landfill. These bins will be collected alternately, with the recycling bin one week and the landfill bin the following week.

The grey bin with a blue lid – for recycling
The grey bin with a grey lid – for refuse/landfill

“Since the introduction of the alternate weekly collection service which started in 2007, there has been a clear decrease in the amount of waste being sent to landfill from the district. This is as a result of a significant increase in the amount of material being recycled.” Mid Sussex District Council

To find out more, contact the Refuse & Recycling Team:

Telephone: 01444 477440