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Land Owner

Sustainability & Travel Planning

If you own a tract of land whether currently built upon or vacant at some point you will have considered what the land value is and whether planning permission is achievable to increase the value of this land.

We receive numerous enquiries every year from landowners who have been advised that they have a valuable asset and in some have spent not inconsiderable amounts of money either purchasing the land or contracting for designs and plans reflecting what they believe the “finished” developed product would look like only to be advised that planning permission is not possible or if it is then less profitably than was envisaged.

Whether you wish to develop on Green field or Brown field sites flexibility is the key as both these types of location can involve negotiation and compromise.

In terms of approach in many cases Foxley Tagg would advocate a semi cautious approach to the planning process which would commence with a planning feasibility study designed to identify the planning opportunities and should this appear positive a viability study to review the actual worth of the project. With these in place and supportive of the scheme commencing the planning application process would be recommended.

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