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Feasibility and Viability

The starting point for any project is a consideration of its feasibility from a planning point of view. It is no good having the grandest of designs fulfilled by beautiful architectural drawings only to find that the Planning application is refused.

Although not the sexiest element of any project, planning is fundamental to a successful one. We are often brought in at a later stage by clients who have unintentionally been led to believe that permission would be forthcoming only to be disappointed and either disheartened to the extent of giving up their dreams or effectively being forced to start again which inevitably leads to increased and unnecessary costs.

Feasibility studies are becoming an increasingly large part of our workload as the message of the planning maze is seeping into everyone’s consciousness. Foxley Tagg are led by an ethical stance which will honestly provide an opinion on your scheme’s prospects of successfully gaining planning permission. As much as the client wants permission our role is to ensure that whatever is applied for has a real chance of achieving a successful outcome at the earliest opportunity.

An understanding of a projects Viability is also a crucial element to a projects overall success.

As important as feasibility, or perhaps even more so is a consideration of the financial viability of a scheme. The outcome of the scheme for a single dwelling is likely to be successful enjoyment of the home, for schemes of more than one dwelling then the landholder inevitably will have an interest in a successful financial outcome. This is not necessarily the same as a profitable outcome but one which achieves the objectives of the pre-build budget.

A viability exercise can be a complex matter with consideration of a myriad of usual and abnormal costs to be addressed as well as considering S106 and CIL charges together with professional fees and inevitable contingencies. This is even before we consider the implied cost of local authorities requirements for affordable housing.

Foxley Tagg have significant experience in this arena and can provide expert help in drawing together viability statements in support of planning applications.