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Pre Application

In sporting terms, “practice, practice, practice”, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”, in the business world “preparation is everything” and in the planning world “Pre Application”.

The Pre application Phase of any project acts as a bringing together of the various elements that have been pre thought and reviewed over and over to minimise the chances of failure. Who wants to return to planning committee to be knocked back time after time because the foreseeable and avoidable have simply not received the care and attention they deserve?

Planning officers and Committee members are time pressed as it is and do not need the frustration of poorly prepared applications clogging up their system. The pre application phase is considered essential by Foxley Tagg to provide a human interface between those who will either recommend your application for approval or refusal and the client. It is used to iron out crinkles, to understand local nuances and to gauge the potential for success of the ideas presented at this early stage.

To get the real and best value from this element, we recommend the feasibility and viability stages are previously undertaken so that the guidance sought and received here can be acted upon and the subsequent application presented with confidence.

Most Local Authorities now charge for such a meeting and for this reason also it is sensible to seek out professional planning advice before this phase to ensure that not only the right questions are asked but that the technical answers are fully understood.

Based on the outcomes of pre application discussions we can then offer a range of solutions when issues arise so that your scheme can evolve within the bounds planning policy and have the greatest chance of success.

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