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More and more recreational sports facilities are following the lead of professional sport wishing to reap the benefits of floodlighting. Community tennis courts, hockey pitches and 5 a side football pitches are keen to sweat their assets and make sport and recreation available to the widest possible audience. Many junior sections in particular are caught between promoting their sport as required in particular by this country’s main funding agency, Sport England, and diminishing day light hours.

The floodlight solution is a contentious issue, obtaining planning permission for floodlights, creates a passionate response from those within the relevant sport and those on the periphery who believe they may be negatively impacted by the lights.

The whole planning process needs to be handled carefully and sensitively particularly seeking neighbour involvement from the very start, managing the many different aspects of potential nuisance and balancing the needs of participants with those of residents.  

Foxley Tagg has specific experience in this area being responsible for the successful application at Northants Cricket for 6 state of the art floodlight columns each 46 metres high delivering a lux level sufficient for both Governing Body standards and HD television production.

The location was surrounded by chimney’s adjacent to a conservation area and the application subject to substantial resident and political objection, however permission was successfully delivered within agreed timescales.