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Foxley Tagg News - Foxley Tagg’s representation to the Planning Law consultation

With the headlines relating to small and self-builders it is also important to note that the new policy guidance also applies to domestic extensions and annexes. Foxley Tagg were aware of a number of instances where Community Infrastructure Levy or S.106 contributions were required by Councils even where no new residential unit would be created. The imposition of such charges meant that the development of larger extensions or the creation of annexes for dependent relatives were made unviable even though they would not directly impact upon local infrastructure or services to which the contributions would be required.

Foxley Tagg submitted a detailed representation as part of the Government’s consolation on the process changes in April 2014. Our submission expressed our general support for the changes and the thresholds whilst making it clear that we considered any charges on extensions and annexes to be unjustified.

It is therefore encouraging to note that as part of press release from Eric Pickles that comments from Foxley Tagg were referred to as follows, “Foxley Tagg Planning explained how the charges were being levied on domestic extensions and annexes, which was a fee generating exercise which limits small work to people’s homes even though there was no significant effect on strategic infrastructure from the extension”. The full press release can viewed by clicking on the following link:

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