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Foxley Tagg News - Queen’s Speech

Whilst the Queen’s Speech didn’t contain a planning specific bill there a number of interesting elements outlined which will be interesting to follow and get involved in during the coming months as the detail is fleshed out and consultation undertaken.
The proposed ‘Housing Bill’ contains a number of key elements which will be of interest to self and customer builders, first time buyers, Parish and Town Council’s as well as those with previously developed land.
The Housing Bill therefore includes the following key areas:
Home ownership

• To provide the necessary statutory framework to support the delivery of Starter Homes.

• To take forward the Right to Build, requiring local planning authorities to support custom and self-builders registered in their area in identifying suitable plots of land to build or commission their own home.

Housing supply
• To introduce a statutory register for brownfield land, to help achieve the target of getting Local Development Orders in place on 90% of suitable brownfield sites by 2020.

• To simplify and speed up the neighbourhood planning system, to support communities that seek to meet local housing and other development needs through neighbourhood planning.

• To give effect to other changes to housing and planning legislation that would support housing growth.

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