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Case Studies - Breinton Lee

Foxley Tagg prepared an Outline Planning Application for a development comprising 15 residential units of which some will be bespoke self-build plots.

Once the application was submitted technical consultation responses e.g. highways, flooding etc. were received from the Council which outlined support for the scheme subject to conditions being added to any decision.

However, a large number of objections were submitted by local residents the impact upon visibility of cars using a nearby layby and in relation to a historic but localised flooding problem.

Residents considered that the scheme would cause more problems, especially in relation to flooding.

Despite support and a recommendation of approval from the Case Officer, the application was refused by the Planning Committee who agreed with the local objectors, despite there being no technical merits for such a decision.

Foxley Tagg still considered that the application was robust and therefore submitted an Appeal on behalf of our client which the Inspector approved.
The overall conclusion was that “the proposal would not result in any detrimental impacts which could not be offset or mitigated and it would constitute sustainable development”.

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