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Case Studies - Land off Hampton Park Road

Foxley Tagg were approached by our clients who wanted to self build two dwellings for their own use, however such a scheme would need to be economically viable.

Upon viewing the site it was clear that a case could be made for the development of four new dwellings so that two plots could be sold to facilitate the construction of the homes for our clients.

The site was located outside of any local settlement boundary and was cut off from the City as a footway along the main road ended before the site.

An Outline Planning Application was therefore submitted which included the addition of the new section of footway along with the development of 4 new dwellings.

With a new footway to be provided the site was considered to be sustainable so that new residents would not have to rely on private cars for travel.

The Council, given their housing shortage, considered that the site would be suitable for development with permission to be granted subject to a legal agreement.

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