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Replacement Dwelling

If you are lucky enough to already own a site then at some point you may wish to consider the question of whether to seek planning permission to enable you to build a replacement home or indeed homes.

At Foxley Tagg we can provide the critical planning advice to support your preference to ensure that your decision is well informed.

You may of course, not be the first party to consider such an outcome for a particular site and if this is the case then Foxley Tagg would investigate any previous applications, what they were for, when they were made and what the outcome was. Each Local Planning Authority should hold a record of the planning history for every property or site where an application has been made since 1947. This is especially important if a site has a history of refusals for the same kind of developments as you are proposing. The Decision Notice(s) and any available plans for any recent or relevant applications would be of special interest for, if a site has had planning permission refused for a new dwelling before, then previous information will help us ascertain why the scheme warranted a refusal and help us consider whether a reapplication is justified.

We would also research the planning history in relation to neighbouring sites or properties for recent applications as this will again indicate the type of proposals that have been permitted and/or refused. It is however worth noting that as every site is different, the fact that a property “up the road” has had a scheme permitted does not necessarily mean yours will to. It is just a useful guide and will help us to ascertain what may be achievable.

We will then identify any physical constraints relevant to your site e.g. the location of protected trees, and from that we can create a site constraints plan which will help guide the development of your initial concepts and help to establish where the optimum position for the location of the house on the site may be.

We recognise that one of the drivers for any replacement dwelling project is likely to be a desire to recreate something that you have seen in a magazine, television programme of at a custom builders show home. We have an excellent relationship with one of the most prominent custom builders and would suggest that if you are considering a replacement dwelling that this link is worth a few moments of your time.