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How do I begin looking for a site?

At this early point in the process it is an ideal time to consider the planning parameters that surround any search for that ideal and elusive plot of land. Once the parameters are clear then the search can be streamlined.

By providing us with an indication of your geographical and size of dwelling wishes for example this will allow us to identify potential planning constraints and opportunities which may save you time and money in the future. An assessment would also help you to understand what specialist surveys or reports may be needed to support the eventual submission of a planning application.

The scope of a site assessment should relate to the scale of the development which you are proposing. Therefore a new build dwelling on a more challenging site could require a more in depth assessment than a replacement dwelling.

The following elements are examples of what Foxley Tagg would consider as part of anĀ  assessment;

A review of the Local Planning Policy.

Consideration of the settlement boundaries or development boundaries for the larger built up areas.

Consideration of the sustainability of the location.

Review of planning history.