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Planning Applications & S106 Agreements

Foxley Tagg has a strong history of working with developers from major blue chip companies such as Crest Nicholson and Bloor homes through to Custom Build Developers such as Potton and Oakwright to first timers who may only develop a single piece of land. We also work closely with social housing specialists such as Bromford Housing Group as well as major sports organisations and educational establishments.

Our team of planners are all ex local authority which provides us with a useful insight into how to maintain relationships with local authorities when negotiating on behalf of our commercial clients. This experience is brought to bear especially in the way in which applications are delivered and the level of research and attention to detail that is included. Years of experience have dictated how we work with our clients to ensure that their applications have the greatest chance of success. We are also well versed in public consultation and dealing with the political arena, be it with elected members, key stakeholders or community groups.

The principal of the planning system is to enable sustainable development by ensuring that new development schemes provide an economic, social and an environmental benefit. These aims run through both plan-making and decision-taking at local and national levels of planning policy.

These aims are clear, however, one single approach does not apply to all. From a single dwelling to a medium to large scale housing development each and every individual housing project is different and requires bespoke responses and carefully thought through strategies. From the site appraisal, design, density and amenity issues taking into account specific site constraints we lead our clients through the planning process, undertaking negotiations on S106 agreements, and issues such as affordable housing contributions whilst navigating through the complexity of national and local planning policy requirements which need to be identified and addressed but which form the core and an important part of the process.

Our mantra is to provide sound advice, by engaging with our clients, establishing the facts and understanding their requirements and objectives. Our solutions are achieved through careful analysis and evaluation so that we submit the best case and strongest arguments to attain the best outcomes.

From experience we know that project management is one of the keys to the preparation of a successful planning application. Therefore further to producing submission material and documents Foxley Tagg is able to fully project manage the planning process.

This includes all aspects of the planning process both pre and post application such as assembling and instructing consultant teams and negotiating and liaising with Local Authorities and stakeholders.

We also have significant experience in preparing and managing environmental impact assessments which allow us to ensure that any development, on either a greenfield or brownfield site, is accommodated in an acceptable way.