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The success of any Travel Plan relates to the implementation and delivery of the measures and rigours assessment of achievements against agreed targets.

Foxley Tagg therefore offers a Travel Plan implementation and co-ordination service.

Foxley Tagg as the Travel Plan Co-ordinator will oversee the preparation, delivery, implementation and monitoring elements of each Travel Plan. We have significant experience in this area and we are able to work with stakeholders, developers and Local Authorities to ensure that Travel Plans are implemented successfully and that they have longevity.

Transport Assessments are key supporting documents in relation to any large scale planning application.

Foxley Tagg has the relevant expertise and experience to produce detailed and robust Transport Assessments to support development.

For smaller developments were transportation maybe a key issue we are also able to produce Transport Statements to support application submissions. In relation to both Transport Assessments and Statements we are able to undertake primary and secondary data collection to ensure that the findings and conclusions are robust.

Foxley Tagg Planning Ltd have successfully carried out numerous Transport Audit Projects across the country in partnership with various Local Authorities and Universities.

The Transport Audit projects have looked at the issue of accessibility within the ‘public realm’, bespoke research projects have been designed to deliver a comprehensive information base, which aids local authorities in developing their walking and cycling strategies.

The Access Audit aims to identify barriers to pedestrian and cycle movement in and around a particular town centre using flow counts, user surveys/interviews with pedestrians & cyclists and comprehensive analysis of the main pedestrian/cycle routes to complement the main access audit work.

The Access Audit work makes a valuable contribution to the Local Transport Plan (LTP) process & policies, and is an effective tool to prioritise budgets. It also supports other funding streams such as regeneration strategies and can be used to assist in the production of mobility maps/guides and other promotional material.

To date we have carried out Access Audits in Bath, Taunton, Cheltenham and Gloucester and for Northamptonshire County Cricket Club.