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Applications do fail however failing once is not an indicator that another application will fail. Certainly there may need to be some compromise along the way but a detailed review of the application can help identify why it failed, what is actually possible on the site and whether a fresh application or an appeal would provide get the best chance of success.

If we believe that the issues can be overcome via a re-submission we may also recommend going through a Pre-application discussion stage with the Local Planning Authority to ensure that any modifications proposed will be sufficient to overcome the refusal reasons.

In addition we will ensure that the submission material required, particularly if your site is likely to require an Ecological Assessment, Flood Risk Assessment or Arboricultural Assessment etc. is included.

If you make a re-submission for a similar scheme on the same site within a year of the refusal decision being made then you will be entitled to a further submission, as long as the scheme is the same or similar, without being required to pay a further planning application fee.

In many instances the re-submission of an application is not a feasible or realistic prospect and therefore the submission of an Appeal is the only option available.

If you would like us to review your refusal with a view to an appeal or even a fresh application, then please contact us on 01242 222107 or by email to with a view to potentially forwarding the following information so that we can provide an informed opinion should you subsequently wish to take up our professional advice;

• Refusal notice
• Original application
• Site map
• Contact details