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On Line Enquiry

The first step for receiving a professional planning opinion as to whether your ideas will be the catalyst to a successful planning application would be to consider the stages as set out below.

With this information Foxley Tagg would be able to provide you with an honest initial view as to whether your ideas are likely to succeed.

• Please provide a plan identifying your actual or potential land ownership boundary and any other right of way areas in relation to access to and from the land in question. A marked-up Google earth image would normally be sufficient.

• Identification any potential Ecology matters such as the presence of bats, newts etc. which may need to be surveyed for during specific times of the year.

• Consideration of any susceptibility to flooding, please refer to the environment agency to establish which flood zone you may be in so we can consider whether a flood risk assessment may be required.

• Any knowledge of previous land use and thus potential for Contamination.

To enable Foxley Tagg to consider your case and, if required, provide you with a fee quote to prepare and submit an appropriate planning application, would you please forward the above information together with as much of the following that applies or is available to

• Full postal correspondence address.
• Full address of the site in question.
• Any timescale deadlines that you have.
• Any deal breaker issues with any application i.e. must haves.
• Details of any covenants that you are aware of.
• Any previous pre-application advice received.
• For information, this link will provide you with the Local Authority Application fee payable for any application.

Please email and we will acknowledge receipt, request any further information or clarification and come back to you as soon as possible.