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Given that many planning applications are adjudicated by the Planning Committee who by their very nature are sensitive to public opinion, the best preparation for the submission of a successful Planning Application would be to carefully consider all and any possible obstacles that the Planning Committee could foresee and use to stall an application.

Applications often fail even with Council Planning officer approval simply because doubts are raised at the Committee meeting. Once these seeds have been sown and without the immediate evidence to counter it is often all too easy for the committee to defer, or refuse.

Foxley Tagg will look at all the possibilities, weigh up their potential to bring down an application and advise you, at an early stage in the process, which expert reports are required.

The number of potential reports can be bewildering and here’s a non-exhaustive list that could be requested in addition to the Planning Statement.

1. Flood
2. Access and Travel
3. Ecology
4. Trees
5. Archaeology
6. Building Condition
7. Viability
8. Contamination
9. Heritage and Conservation
10. Landscape
11. Noise
12. Sustainability
13. Topo

and of course, suitable Plans for the stage of the process.

While this may seem daunting, the applicant must continue to believe in the overall project and the rewards that will come from a successful application.

The good news is that Foxley Tagg will manage this process for you and will, for those that are required, provide you with a quotation(s) for your consideration. We would then arrange suitable times for any inspection works to be completed and ensure that the requirements of the planning process are met and that your submission is as robust as possible.