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Right to Build Register

The self-build and custom housebuilding act 2015 places a duty on councils to keep a register of individuals and community groups who are seeking land in the local area for self or custom build housing purposes.

It is a requirement for all local authorities to maintain a register of self build interest. The purpose of this is to enable councils to record and monitor demand for self and custom build and then to facilitate supply in their region commensurate with that demand. Self-build and custom registers provide valuable information on the demand for self-build and custom housebuilding in a relevant authority’s area and should form a key part of an evidence base of demand when carrying out planning, housing, land disposal and regeneration functions.

Local planning authorities should use the demand data from the registers, supported as necessary by additional data from secondary sources (as outlined in the Housing and economic development needs guidance), when preparing their Strategic Housing Market Assessment to understand and consider future need for this type of housing in their area. Plan-makers will need to make reasonable assumptions using the data on their register to avoid double-counting households.

To help identify which local authority register you should be registering on the National Custom & Self Build Association (NaCSBA) have a very useful website and if you click here this will allow you to identify the relevant register for your post code.