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Neighbourhood Plans

Expert Planning and “critical friend” Assistance in the Preparation of Neighbourhood Plans

Once your Town or Parish Council has received confirmation from the District Council that your Neighbourhood Area Application has been successful the next stage is to contact Foxley Tagg Planning as we recognise the amount of work that has already been completed in organising the community to come together in order to start the process of producing a Neighbourhood Plan to shape your locality’s future and can work in conjunction with you guiding you through the process.

The actual consultative process, communications and preparation of the plan ready for approval is, as you are probably aware, a significant piece of work potentially impacting upon your time and manpower resources. In preparation for a positive decision on your application may Foxley Tagg Planning can provide professional assistance to ensure that your Neighbourhood Plan conforms to the requirements set out in National Government legislation.

Our team of Chartered Planning Consultants have a wealth of experience in providing effective guidance to various groups, utilising their knowledge of the planning process to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients and to your Parish.

We are currently working with a number of Neighbourhood Plan preparation processes and we believe that by commissioning professional planning assistance the ability to deliver and manage the process would be dramatically improved. Issues have already arisen with a number of the ‘frontrunner’ groups with regards to the compatibility of their Neighbourhood Plans with the relevant Local Plan and it is with this in mind that we offer our services.

Foxley Tagg’s role in this process would be to help in the correct articulation of the Parish’s needs in line with the legal requirements of the Localism Act 2011. The purpose of a Neighbourhood Plan is to meaningfully direct and influence development in a way which is representative of the wishes of local stakeholders. Working closely with the Local Planning Authority where appropriate, our responsibility would lie in ensuring the needs of the Neighbourhood Area are recognised in regards to future development.

If you are interested in discussing your Neighbourhood Plan needs and wish to discuss what Foxley Tagg can offer towards your plan preparation in person, please contact us on 01242 222107 or